Friday, August 19, 2022

New Power: Velocity-9



This drugs that allows temporary access to the Speed Force aka Superspeed power for 24 hours. Despite its benefits, this drug is also very dangerous, as it causes cellular degeneration and eventually death. In addition, subjects of the serum have demonstrated mental instability or disorders such as split personalities.
Bonus: Granted Superspeed power at 9

Limitations: Lasts only for 24 hours.

Usage: When using V-9, the user must make a check, using Will/Will vs 9/9 for V-9, failure results in gaining drawback of Irrational Attraction V-9 Addiction.

Addiction Period: Afterwards the user now craves it and will do anything, including kill to get a hold of it, to use it again, for they only have 48 hours to obtain, otherwise fall into coma, get treatment or eventually die.

Stage 1: After 24 hours of not using it again, characters will also gain drawbacks Rage and Psychological Instability. 

Stage 2: After 48 hours of not using it the character will collapse into a coma and must be treated or die.

Treatment: An addict can seek medical treatment by going to a Hospital and be under the care of Scholar (Medicine) character for 3 months. The first month, the character will undergo treatment  and be bed ridden, after that the addict is released and must return for treatment therapy once a week for 8 weeks.

**Evil Note: I had so much fun with this drug, as I had a PC who used it got addicted to it and the whole campaign became a fun race of who could finally catch this PC and stop him to treat him. The best part was trying to temp the character after they started the treatment time!

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