Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New Drawback: Arrogance



Cost: 25 Hero Points
You feel a self worth and importance above all, it could be a certain race/sex or group of people. You just deem yourself better, because of the lies you told yourself, or more like the lies you told about yourself, you now believe to be lies to be truth. Pumping up your own ego where ever you go with an air of superiority in your step. Others either laugh at it, respect or fear it.

Should your character's arrogance be challenged someone how (i.e. in battle, in conversation, in status..etc) he MUST act on it, or pay a price of 5 Hero Points. Should your character pay the 5 Hero Points to avoid it, he will pay it and leave the situation if possible. Arrogance Penalty can only apply once every 24 hours. If your character is challenged again during the "cool down" period of 24 hrs, the player or GM can decide to act upon it or not. Reminder: playing out your drawbacks do earn rewards in the end.

Friday, June 11, 2021

New Advantage/Drawback: Determination



Cost: 50 Hero Points

This could be an advantage and drawback at the same time, so its up to the player and GM how they want to handle how this works. Because Determination as an advantage can work be applied towards, your hero is determined and puts his all into solving cases, saving the girl, capturing the villain, proving things..etc. 
All at the same time, the very thing that "drives" them to do all of the above can turn into obsessions, in life. Saving the girl or capturing the villain at all costs, finding the evidence needed, even if staying up all night. How far will the hero go?

This may also be applied to villain characters, as determination can drive their criminal activities, their obsessions with a certain hero (ehem, Superman for Lex anyone?)

The GM or the player can use this when playing out the character in game. A player can say his character is doing this due to his Determination (for better or worse). A GM can entice a player's character with various things keeping the character distracted.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

New Advantage: Faith



Cost: 25 Hero Points
All people in the world believe in something or someone. This is where Faith comes into play, it can be a driving force in a character's life, compelling them to do things and it can also help them out of dire situations.

A character who uses faith in their build receives a +2 column shift against intimidation checks when their composure is tested. Should their whole existence or reason for crime fighting be called to reason, this will help them through.