Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Gotham Legends Actual Play Episode 4 - Finale

After taking out the thugs at the bookstore and saving the author, the group follows up on a lead that takes them into old Gotham subway, where they meet up with.... The big bad behind things. This was the final episode we did as this was only a small mini-series of games and just trying out the system during COVID. The group did have fun with this game and wanted to bring it back recently. I have been kind of prepping for a new game and looking forward to season 2 with new characters. Sometime in April it will happen, Maybe!

Monday, March 28, 2022

Gotham Legends Actual Play Episode 3

The Group gets a lead there is a hostage situation a local bookstore in downtown Gotham. A famous author and scientist is being held hostage as the group figures out how to get in and save him! Decided to throw a typical hostage situation at the group as its probably something that would happen in Gotham and I made it so the people involved were important enough the group would care. Though as heroes, they should be willing to save anyone that needs help.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Gotham Legends Actual Play Episode 2

This is the second in the series of the Gotham Legends Actual Play we did, and I added a new player character the group, so now its 4 characters in this game. Its an interesting group of characters who are doing their best at a street level with some minor powers.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Gotham Legends Actual Play Episode 1

Welcome to a first in a series of actual plays for this channel. The Roll High or Die Crew brings you The Gotham Legends, a DC Heroes (Batman RPG) Actual Play Podcast. Batman has gone missing in the city of Gotham and the only people left to defend Gotham from the criminals is this team good guys...
I realized that this actual play was not on this website, but on my youtube. I wanted to share it with everyone and show them you can have a wonderful game just using the Batman RPG Rules! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Lady Asuka

Lady Asuka Momoko

Dex: 10 Str: 5    Bod: 7         Wealth: 6
Int: 3     Wil: 9   Min: 10       Organization: Yagyu Family
Inf: 2     Aur: 8   Spi: 10        Classification: Crime lord
Init: 25          HP:  75            Where About: Gotham

Jumping: 4
Charisma(Interrogation): 5, Martial Artist: 11, Weaponry(Exotic, Melee, Missile): 8, Thief (Escape Artist): 7; Thief (Stealth): 8, Vehicles (Land): 5

Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Misc (Languages: Chinese, Japanese)

Age (55)

Alter Ego:Asuka Momoko

Bladed Pole Arm [Body 6 EV 5]

Lady Asuka is a loyal member of the Yagyu crime family, and serves the head of the family with out question. She almost always oversees every operation first hand because she believes if you want it done right, see it done yourself. She's studied in various forms or martial arts and hold various titles in sport.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Warbird

The Warbird

Dex: 3   Str: 3    Bod: 4       Wealth: 3
Int: 3     Wil: 4   Min: 4       Organization: Batman Inc.
Inf: 2     Aur: 4   Spi: 3        Classification: Street level Hero
Init: 8          HP:  20            Where Abouts: Gotham

Charisma: 4, Martial Artist: 5, Weaponry: 4, Gadgetry: 2

Scholar (Physics, Chemistry, Psychology), Genius

Secret Identity [Pete Trip]

Alter Ego: Pete Trip

Pole Arm [Body 6 EV 3]
Mechanical Wings [Body 6 Gliding 2]
Utility Belt [Body 2]
- Flares x2 [Body 1 EV 6 Flash 6] (Drawback: Killing combat)
- Flashlight & Handcuffs [Body 9] 
- Gas Grenades x4 [Body 1 EV 6 Fog 5 R#2] (Note: EV affects group in fog)
- Gas Mask [Body 2 Systematic Antidote 5] (Drawback: only usable against poison gases)
- Grappling hook & line [Body 2 Str 2]
- Throwing Discs x5 [Body 1 EV 3 Gliding 2]
- Medical Kit [Body 1 Medicine 4 R#4]
- Communicator [Range 7 Body 1 R#3]
Pete was a genius and ahead of his time, he obtained three degrees by the time he was 20 years old, and then started seeing the corruption in Gotham. He decided to put his genius brain to work and started building himself a suit to combat the "evils" of Gotham.

GM Note: This was a character in the original campaign I ran online, and the player did enjoy this character and the ability to build things.

Monday, March 21, 2022

The American Dream

 The American Dream
Dex: 6   Str: 9    Bod: 8       Wealth: 5
Int: 3     Wil: 3   Min: 5       Organization: Solo
Inf: 3     Aur: 6   Spi: 4        Classification: Super
Init: 14          HP:  8            Where Abouts: Dream City, Gotham

Flight: 6, Super Breath: 9, Superspeed: 5, X-Ray Vision: 6, 
Skin Armor: 8, Regeneration: 3

Charisma: 3, Martial Artist: 6

Area Knowledge: City [Gotham City], Sex Appeal

Secret Identity [Casey Edwards]
Misc (Super Patriotism)

Alter Ego: Casey Edwards

The American Dream is new to the Gotham area, and a new hero that has seemly come out of no where to help clean up crime in Gotham and the surrounding cities. When not fighting crime Casey Edwards runs her own fitness studio, where she teaches 2 classes a day, 5 days a week to earn a living in uptown Gotham.

Monday, March 14, 2022

New Power: Bloodlust


Range: Normal
Type: Dice
Base Cost: 40

A character who has the Bloodlust power craves shedding blood and killing their prey. They can use this ability to stalk their prey and hear the heartbeat of the prey with in 15 feet of them. When first attacking with Bloodlust, the character would substitute the power of Bloodlust as their AV/EV. If the attack misses, the character is not in a bloodlust and must wait 2 turns before trying to use it again. IF the attack is successful, the character will stay in Bloodlust for as many turns as their power of APs.

When tracking or listening to heartbeats, the powers AP will be used for AV/EV.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

New Advantage: Reputation


Cost: 10/25/50 Points (see description)

Characters with Reputation have "earned" their status, whether it be unnerving or positive good vibes among a group of people in an area. There is three levels of this Advantage. The lowest level 10 points would only apply to a neighborhood in a city, 25 points would apply to a whole city and maybe even state the character resides in, and 50 points would be know by almost anyone who utters their name.

When a character makes a Charisma: Intimidation check, they receive a -1CS bonus to the OV. The GM must determine how and when this would apply to the situation at hand.

Note: I have to wonder why this was not including in the Batman RPG and I admit I got the idea for this from Marvel FASERIP RPG, either way, it was needed for my game.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

New Advantage: Sex Appeal

Cost: 20 Points

A Character with this advantage is deemed very good looking to the opposite sex and is able to influence opinions and thoughts of other characters. This advantage can only be selected during character creation, though a GM may award it to a character based on his campaign story.

Characters who choose to do this, will receive a -2 Column Shift modifier to the OV when using the Charisma skill.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

New Power: Vampirism


Range: Touch
Type: Dice
Base Cost: 55

Vampirism allows a character to transfer (bite) APs of Body from a target to his own Body. To attempt the action requires a check with AV/EVs equal to the APs of the Power and OV/RVs equal to the opponent's DEX/BODY; RAPS equal the number of APs transferred through the Vampirism bite. Any and all APs transferred through use of Vampirism will repair any body damage the character has taken and may never rise about the character's max Body attribute, but a character may use this as a form of attack to harm.

This type of power attack is always considered killing combat, as you are literally draining the life force out of another and should you drain enough to get the target to their negative Body Attribute, they will die and rise 24 hours later as a minor Vampire, with Vampirism Rank 1. If its a player character, the character is dead and now an NPC.

*Game Master's Note: I am aware there is a Vampirism power in later editions of DC Heroes and I probably could have ported that over, but I decided when I wrote it, I would change it up a bit making it a bite only attack, and the fact that if someone is killed by it, they rise as a minor vampire subservient to the now Master Vampire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

New Advantage: Immortality


Vandal Savage

Cost: 50 Points

This NEW advantage for the Batman Role-playing game will allow the character to reach peak adulthood and then stop aging completely.  This character can not die of aging effects and will never grow old. Which means powers or things that would affect a character's age do not apply to those that have this advantage. An Immortal character can die by other means of losing health from physical, mental and magical attacks.

Immortal characters will often live their life changing their identities as they move from place to place to hide this ability they have. Some immortals over time think immortality to be a curse, while others just live their lives out as best as they can.