Thursday, March 10, 2022

New Advantage: Reputation


Cost: 10/25/50 Points (see description)

Characters with Reputation have "earned" their status, whether it be unnerving or positive good vibes among a group of people in an area. There is three levels of this Advantage. The lowest level 10 points would only apply to a neighborhood in a city, 25 points would apply to a whole city and maybe even state the character resides in, and 50 points would be know by almost anyone who utters their name.

When a character makes a Charisma: Intimidation check, they receive a -1CS bonus to the OV. The GM must determine how and when this would apply to the situation at hand.

Note: I have to wonder why this was not including in the Batman RPG and I admit I got the idea for this from Marvel FASERIP RPG, either way, it was needed for my game.

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