Thursday, March 21, 2024

Announcement! DC Heroes Actual Play Coming Soon!


🚨 Breaking News 🚨

Hey folks! Guess what?  

It's time to start up an actual play series again for this website, using the DC Heroes rules (3e with a mix of Batman Rules). I know many people like to see examples of play and how the game works, and I'm the person to bring it to you. Simply head over to my YouTube channel, The Evil DM, and subscribe to follow along or just follow this blog, doesn't take much, if you have a google account (think Gmail) - you can click follow on the right hand side there!

This game will be a little different from the normal actual plays on YouTube because it will involve two players, with no GM! Yes, you heard it correctly – no GM!


There will be a GM, but it will be a Game Master Emulator, so things could get wacky and really interesting.

The first episode will be released next Wednesday, 3/27, and the more likes/comments I receive on that video, the more videos we will make.

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