Monday, May 31, 2021

New Advantage: Wealthy


I had to use this picture. I grew up watching wrestling as a kid in the '80s and well frankly this is an '80s game, I am just updating and why not use the most iconic money guy in wrestling to present a new advantage called Wealthy! Following the rules in the book, this falls under Misc Advantage type.


Cost: 50 Hero Points

This is pretty simple, you are a very rich man, you are a CEO of your own company that hit the big time. Sit with your Game Master and devise a back story for your company. This could be as simple as you inherited it from your family to you invented some weird new device that all the kids are raving about. Maybe you invented Post-its or the short cigarette, who knows your imagination is yours!

Characters will this advantage will automatically have their wealth moved up to a 10, which entitles them to $25,000 weekly salary, with a yearly income of about $1m. Depending on your age, you could have some savings as well. See Chart Below.

Age Range

Savings in bank

20 to 25

2 million

26 to 30

4 million

31 to 40

10 million


20 million

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