Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Blockbuster Video in Nightfall Bay?


So this weekend we where playing our game for DC Heroes, in Nightfall Bay, and the heroes had to find a place to bring someone who had information and "question him". Looking around we found an old abandoned Blockbuster Video. We got in there and started to question the suspect and suddenly the lights went on and employees were like, "What are you doing here?" -- We were baffled and said, "this place is open?" and the employees said yes and they were trying really hard to keep the VHS market alive. 

We apologized for interrupting their business and quickly left the building and found an abandoned Hollywood Video, yes that was abandoned. 

So we decided that it was canon for the world of DC Heroes (NightFall Bay) that Blockbuster video still had a VHS store in existence!

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