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Dex: 5   Str: 3   Bod: 3        Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 5     Wil: 7   Min: 5        Occupation: US Soldier
Inf: 5     Aur: 5   Spi: 6         Wealth: 3
Init: 17          HP: 20

Acrobatics (Climbing, Dodging): 5, Martial Artist: 3, Medicine (First
Aid): 3, Military Science: 7, Thief (Security Systems, Stealth): 3,
Vehicles (Air Vehicles, Land Vehicles): 4, Weaponry (Firearms, Missile
Weapons): 6

Iron Nerves, Leadership [Rank E-8, Master Sergeant]

Connection: Low Level [GI Joe upper brass]

Secret Identity, MIA (Anti-Patriotism )

Alter Ego: Conrad S. Hauser

     Marital Status: Single
     Known Relatives: Classified
     Group Affiliations: GI Joe
     Base of Operations: USA
     Height: 6'0"       Weight: 165lbs          Age: 30s
     Eyes: Blue         Hair: Blond

Standard Machine Gun and Pistol from book.

Duke came in at a time when the Joe Team is at their lowest point. The Pit is destroyed and their commander, General Flagg is dead. He took over field duties and brought the team a major victory over Cobra: The capture of Cobra Commander.

However, that victory was short-lived as the Cobra ninja Storm Shadow rescued the Commander.

He also took part in the invasion of the Cobra-controlled town of Springfield. He also played second-in-command to Hawk during the Cobra Civil War. He was also involved in the mission to push Cobra out of Trucial Abysmia, but intelligence vastly underestimated Cobra's presence there and resulted in the deaths of several G.I. Joe members. He would recover from that experience and lead the defense of the Joe headquarters, the Pit, against Cobra. He continued working with G.I. Joe until its

Duke was overseeing the testing of the new Skystriker XP-14F jets when Cobra assaulted Joe HQ. After a brief dogfight that saw Cobra retreat but not before laying waste to much of the Joes' fighters, Duke orders his men on full alert. Later, General Flagg had Duke have his men test the security of a military installation housing a spy satellite. Duke was caught in the energy wave of the MASS Device when Cobra teleported in the base to steal the satellite. He is soon a prisoner forced to take part in
Cobra Commander's Arena of Sport where he faces off with a giant. Initially getting beat by the giant, Duke regains his will during a brief spat with between Cobra Commander and Destro. He is aided by the slave girl, Selina, and gives him a gold strip that he uses to short the headband's control over him. After a spectacular escape, Duke makes his way back to civilization and to G.I. Joe HQ. However, the trauma, fatigue and effect of the headband causes him to be unable to remember where Cobra's main base is located. What little he can remember is only Selina. Despite that, there is no apparent mental effect on him and Doc declares he is fit to return to duty. He personally leads the mission to
obtain heavy water from one of the world's deepest trenches. Duke organizes a mission to South America for the final element. He leads the squadron of Skystrikers in the hopes of driving Destro's squadron back. However, the Cobra squadron held their position and successfully takes the meteor. Duke lands his Skystriker on Cobra's heli-carrier and becomes part of the massive boarding party. He finds the extraterrestrial element onboard but Scarlett is taken hostage by Destro. Desperate to stop
Cobra, Duke undergoes one more effort from Doc to remember Cobra's HQ location by undergoing a session in a sensory deprivation tank. He remembers giving his ring to Selina which everyone realizes has electronic properties that the Joes can home in on. Along with many other Joes, he is
teleported by their own MASS Device and begin their assault on the Cobra Temple. The aftermath reunites him with his friend Scarlett and the slave girl Selina. By the beginning of the first season, the role of commanding officer frequently alternated between Duke and Flint. Duke and Flint were almost interchangeable throughout the first season, though Duke tended to be more stern than Flint. As a leader, Duke always put himself forward as the commanding officer first and the friend second, but sometimes he would let his softer side shine through, such as when he let Dusty take time off to
take care of his mother.

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