Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Batman '89 Write up and Thoughts




Editor's Note: 

As a devoted fan of comics, I've Personally found myself gravitating towards graphic novels rather than the traditional "floppies" due to rising costs and the direction in content that doesn't align with my preferences anymore.

But an intriguing idea sparked in my mind. Why not delve into the captivating world of Tim Burton's Batman? From his iconic movies to the comic series Batman '89, there's an opportunity to explore the untapped potential of Burton's vision. Imagining what could have been if he had continued his Batman saga with Batman Continues instead of what we got, Batman Forever?
Burton's distinct gothic style brought Gotham City to life like never before, captivating fans everywhere. With Batman '89, the comic series that pays homage to Burton's legacy, we have the chance to delve deeper into his universe. Through fresh narratives and character exploration, the comic medium breathes new life into Burton's original vision.

So, let's embark on this journey, we'll uncover the intricacies of Burton's unfulfilled plans, speculate on untold storylines, and paint a vivid picture of an alternative Gotham City. Join me as we unlock the doors to Burton's captivating world, where darkness, mystery, and untapped possibilities await.... maybe, for now, here's the write up you've been waiting for, BATMAN!

Name: Batman

Dex: 5 Str: 4 Bod: 4
Int: 6 Wil: 7 Min: 6
Inf: 4 Aur: 4 Spi: 5
Init: 17 Hero Points: 15

Wealth: 19
Organization: Um, Batman?
Classification: Savior of Gotham
Whereabouts: Gotham

Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Age: 30s
Sex: Male
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: about 6'0"

Powers: NA

Skills: Charisma: 8, Detective: 7, Gadgetry: 9, Military Science (Camouflage, Tracking): 6, Martial Arts: 6, Thief: 5, Vehicles: 6,  Weaponry: 6

Advantages: City Knowledge (Gotham), Connection: Alfred (High), Connection: Commissioner Gordon & the GCPD (High), Connection: Vicky Vale (Low), Headquarters (Batcave), Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Weathly

Drawbacks: Secret Identity, Traumatic Flashbacks (Parents Death), Irrational Attraction (to getting nuts)

- Batsuit [BODY: 8, Gliding: 4, Comms: 4 (short ranged using Batmobile)]
- Batarang (x4) [BODY: 4, Gliding: 2]
- Batarang (Computer-Guided) [BODY 04, EV 04, Flight: 02, Drawback: Requires an action to redirect]
- Bat-Grappler Gun [BODY: 2, STR: 3 (400 lbs weight), Stretching: 4]
- Batmobile [BODY: 10, Running: 8, Skin Armor: 6 (Drawback: Cannot move while activated), Forward Facing Guns: EV 7, Comms: 6]
- Batwing [BODY: 8, STR: 3, Flight: 9, Comms: 6, Swimming: 5, Forward Facing Guns: EV 8, Missiles x8: (BODY: 2, EV 8, Range: 7)
- Batcave (Headquarters): 12 (various equipment, computers, lab analyst, he's Batman, whatever the hell he wants or needs, so he gets a 12)

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