Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Today's Thoughts: Couple of Reasons why I enjoy Season 1 and 2 of "Arrow"

While watching an episode of season 1 of "Arrow" I decided that this is what really drew me into the show. I really enjoyed Seasons 1 and 2 and after that it felt like the show changed tones dramatically and moved away from what really was an excellent Superhero show. I started watching it less and less in the later seasons.

Why did so many people, like me really enjoy Season 1 and 2?


1. Fresh and Grounded Approach: Season 1 and 2 presented a more grounded and realistic take on the superhero genre. The focus on Oliver's origin story and his journey from playboy billionaire to vigilante felt fresh and intriguing.

2. Strong Character Development: In the early seasons, there was a strong emphasis on character development, especially for Oliver Queen. Viewers got to witness his transformation from a troubled survivor to a heroic figure, and this journey was engaging and relatable.

3. Well-Developed Story Arcs: The first two seasons had well-crafted and compelling story arcs, with clear motivations and high stakes. The conflict with the main antagonist, Malcolm Merlyn, and the complexity of the undertaking plot in Season 1, as well as the introduction of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in Season 2, added depth and intensity to the show. The show spent a season and half building up the entire dynamic of Slade vs Oliver, it was amazing.

4. Focused on Vigilantism: The initial seasons primarily focused on Oliver's mission as the Hood/Arrow and his efforts to clean up the corruption in Starling City. This made the storytelling more streamlined and character-driven.

5. Realistic Tone and Grit: The show's darker and grittier tone in the early seasons resonated with many viewers who appreciated a more realistic and mature approach to superhero storytelling.

I think what happened with the show was it started focusing more on secondary characters, and side stories, instead of focusing on Oliver/Green Arrow.

A lot of time I found myself (my wife include) getting annoyed at the character Felicity who was becoming more and more involved. I remember at one point people joking around and call it "Felicity and friends".

Another thing that annoyed me (again and my wife) was Kate Cassidy as Black Canary, while she is a good actress, she was awful as Black Canary and her fighting skills on the show left you face palming half the time. When she finally got "taken out" by Damien Dhark we both kind of cheered and I know online a bunch of people were celebrating it as well. Sure it wasn't the popular side of things but it was what a lot of fans did. I can go on and on about the cast and the direction of the show, but that's not the point here.

How does this relate to gaming?

Well, it relates because Season 1 and 2 is a perfect setting for a solo game adventure, something I've been researching into as I prepare a game for my buddy. It has a gritty city that needs help, we have a normal average man who trained to be more, to be something else to save his city. Its a great starting point and plot for the game I am planning on running.

Editor note: this is just my opinion of the show and its not meant to make anyone mad or annoyed. In fact if you really enjoyed Arrow later on and think its a great show, then awesome, no hate on you. Remember we are all adults and allowed to have opinions.


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