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Meta-Human Threat Assessment Division (MTAD)

The Meta-Human Threat Assessment Division (MTAD) is a relatively new branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Nightfall Bay. Established to deal with the increasing threat of meta-humans, MTAD is tasked with identifying and tracking these individuals and neutralizing any perceived threat they may pose to the public.

MTAD's Director, Samuel Bishop, is a no-nonsense, gruff individual who will stop at nothing to ensure that Nightfall Bay is safe from these meta-human threats. Bishop has been with the FBI for over twenty years and has worked his way up the ranks, earning a reputation as a hard-nosed investigator with a penchant for getting results.

Bishop's appointment as Director of MTAD was met with some controversy, as many felt that he was too hard-line in his approach to dealing with meta-humans. However, those who know Bishop best will tell you that he is simply a man who takes his job very seriously and is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Nightfall Bay.

Despite its short history, MTAD has already made a significant impact in the fight against meta-human threats. In its first year of operation, the division was responsible for the apprehension of over a dozen meta-humans who were deemed to be a threat to public safety.

MTAD's success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its highly skilled and specialized agents, its cutting-edge technology, and its unwavering dedication to the task at hand. Agents within MTAD undergo extensive training in the identification and neutralization of meta-human threats, as well as in the use of advanced weaponry and equipment.

However, the success of MTAD has not come without its challenges. The division has faced criticism from some quarters for its perceived heavy-handedness in dealing with meta-human threats, with some claiming that the agency is overstepping its bounds and infringing on the rights of innocent individuals.

Director Bishop, however, is unapologetic in his approach, insisting that the safety of Nightfall Bay's citizens is his top priority. "These meta-humans are a clear and present danger to the public," he stated in a recent interview. "We cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to public safety."

Despite the controversy surrounding MTAD, the agency's work continues unabated. As the threat of meta-human activity continues to grow in Nightfall Bay, MTAD's agents remain vigilant and dedicated to their mission of protecting the public.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for MTAD and its Director, Samuel Bishop. However, one thing is certain – as long as there are meta-human threats to the safety of Nightfall Bay's citizens, MTAD will be there, ready and willing to neutralize them by any means necessary.

Typical MTAD Agents:

Name MTAD Agent
Dex: 4 Str: 3   Bod: 4
Int: 4  Wil: 3   Min: 3
Inf: 4  Aur: 4  Spi: 4
Init: 13           Hero Points: 25

Wealth: 4
Organization: Meta-Human Threat Assessment Division
Classification: Human
Whereabouts: Nightfall Bay

Real Name: Various, if named agent otherwise just an NPC
Age: 24 to 40s
Sex: Male or Female
Weight: (normal range values for humans)
Height: (normal range values for humans)

Powers: N/A

Skills: (Agent may not have all these skills, each one varies)
    Martial Arts: 4, Military Science: 4, Thief: 4, Vehicles: 5, Weaponary: 5, Detective (Police Procedures): 3, Charisma (interrogation): 5, Computers: 5, Hacking: 5

    City Knowledge, Connections: FBI (low), Government (high), Lightning Reflexes

    Public Mistrust (Low)

    Various weapons and gadgets that will neutralize a Meta-human and his powers

Description: NA, unless its a named agent

GM Note: Its always good to have a government agency running around trying to stop the supers in the city, even if they aren't a real threat to most of them, they are there to put pressure and push roleplaying on the player characters.

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