Tuesday, March 14, 2023

District Attorney Rachel Stone



Name: Rachel Stone
Dex: 2 Str: 2  Bod: 2
Int: 5   Wil: 5 Min: 3
Inf: 6   Aur: 5 Spi: 3
Init: 13 Hero Points: 80

Wealth: 8
Organization: Nightfall Bay District Attorney's Office
Classification: Normal
Whereabouts: Nightfall Bay

Real Name: Rachel Stone
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Weight: 135 lbs.
Height: 5'9"


 Charisma: 9, Detective: 5, Vehicles: 3, Weaponry: 2

Attractive, Connections (Law Enforcement), Iron Nerves, Leadership, Scholar (Law)

Adversary (Organized Crime), Mistrust, Public Identity

Smartphone, briefcase

Rachel Stone is the District Attorney of Nightfall Bay, responsible for prosecuting criminals in the city. She is highly intelligent and well-educated, having graduated with top honors from law school. She is also a skilled public speaker and has a charismatic personality that helps her connect with juries and win cases.

Stone is a determined and driven individual, always seeking justice for the victims of crimes. She has a deep-seated hatred for organized crime and will stop at nothing to bring them to justice, which has made her a target for retaliation. Despite this, she continues to fearlessly prosecute criminals and make Nightfall Bay a safer place for its citizens.

Stone's only weakness is her tendency to be mistrustful of others, which can sometimes make it difficult for her to work with other law enforcement agencies. She also has a public identity and is often recognized on the streets, which can make her a target for criminals who want to take revenge. Nonetheless, Stone remains committed to her job and will stop at nothing to see justice served.

Stone has shoulder-length, curly brown hair and piercing green eyes that can be quite intimidating. She typically wears professional attire, such as suits or pencil skirts with blouses, and favors darker colors like black, navy, and gray.

Stone's appearance is striking, with a sharp and angular face that gives her a strong and confident presence. While some may find her attractive and she has curves in all the right places, it is clear that she prioritizes her professional demeanor over her physical appearance.

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