Monday, March 27, 2023

The Crimson Empress of the Red Dragon Clan


Name: "The Crimson Empress"

Dex: 5 Str: 3 Bod: 5
Int: 6 Wil: 7 Min: 7
Inf: 8 Aur: 8 Spi: 8
Init: 19 Hero Points: 50

Wealth: 8
Organization: The Red Dragon Clan
Classification: Villain
Whereabouts: Unknown

Real Name: Mei Ling
Age: Early 40s
Sex: Female
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'7"


   Flame Project: 8, Immunity fire and heat-based attacks and can even heal from fire-based injuries.
   Enhanced Durability: Mei Ling's body has been enhanced to withstand physical attacks and resist injury.


    Intimidation: 8, Leadership: 9, Stealth: 7, Martial Arts: 9


    Wealthy, Connections (Criminal Underground), Fearless


    Secret Identity, Obsession (Power/Glory), Overconfidence


    Traditional Chinese weapons such as daggers and swords.


Mei Ling is the leader of the Red Dragon Clan, a powerful and secretive criminal organization with ties to the Chinese Triad. Little is known about her background, and her true identity is heavily guarded. Mei Ling is a skilled martial artist and has the power to control and manipulate fire, making her a formidable opponent in combat. She is obsessed with expanding the influence and power of the Red Dragon Clan and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Mei Ling is a charismatic leader and has a network of criminal and political connections that she can call upon when needed. Her followers are fiercely loyal, and she is viewed as a mother figure by many in the organization. Despite her strengths, Mei Ling can be overconfident in her abilities and the loyalty of her followers, making her vulnerable to those who can exploit her weaknesses.

Mei Ling is a master of disguise and prefers to keep her true identity hidden. She is known to wear a distinctive red and black outfit when she is out in public or meeting with her inner circle. The outfit is adorned with intricate dragon designs and symbols, signifying her allegiance to the Red Dragon Clan. She wears a matching mask to further conceal her identity and maintain an air of mystery around her. Her outfit also includes various gadgets and tools that aid her in combat and infiltration, making her a formidable opponent for anyone who tries to stand in her way.
GM Note: One of the various villains I used in my street campaign. No one ever caught her :)

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