Thursday, March 2, 2023

An Introductory Post for Nightfall Bay

Not my notebook, random pic I found
Not my notebook, random pic I found
As I sifted through the pages of my old notebooks, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of ideas. Tucked away in one book, I found a story about a new Mafia crime family that I had created called the Nightfall family. In my story, one of Nightfall family members tried to come into Gotham to expand their empire but failed as the characters chased the Nightfall family out of Gotham and back to Nightfall Bay, a city that I had invented as a neighboring city to Gotham.

Back in the day, we all thought Gotham City was like New York City, and DC Comics wasn't always forthcoming about where their cities were located. That's why I invented Nightfall Bay, a place that I based on Staten Island. Why not? Its a neighboring "city". 

I remember heading to the library and poring over maps until I found the perfect one. I spent hours sketching and redrawing until I had the right key places in the right spots. Tracing paper worked wonders. (sadly that map is no where to be found, I guess it fell out of the notebook. Sigh. I'll have to recreate it somehow.)

As I dug deeper, I discovered that the Island was originally named something else until 1975 when it was renamed to Staten Island. And that's when it hit me. What if I made the Nightfall family a rich and powerful clan like the Wayne family, but instead of doing good, they took hold of the city and renamed it after themselves? And just like that, Nightfall Bay was born.

 I have all the family members (kind of) written up, I came up with tons of other super villains and even supers that visited the city. I made Nightfall bay my

Now, years later, I've decided to share my creation with the world. I'm transferring my write-ups, notes, and other musings to my blog so that others can enjoy the story that I've created.

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