Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Henry Nightfall


Name: Henry Nightfall

Dex: 2 Str: 2 Bod: 2
Int: 5 Wil: 5 Min: 5
Inf: 7 Aur: 6 Spi: 6
Init: 14 Hero Points: 23

Wealth: 10
Organization: Nightfall Family
Classification: Founding Member of Nightfall Bay
Whereabouts: Deceased

Real Name: Henry Nightfall
Age: 70 at the time of death
Sex: Male
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 6'0''

Powers: None

Business: 8
Leadership: 8
Negotiation: 9



Expensive suit, high-end watch

Description: Henry Nightfall was born in 1940 and grew up in a wealthy family. He took over his family's business at a young age and turned it into a multi-billion dollar empire. In 1975, he convinced the city to change its name to Nightfall Bay in honor of his family. Despite his wealth and power, he was known for his generosity and philanthropy. Henry passed away in 2010, leaving his business and legacy to his family. 

Henry Nightfall was a tall and imposing figure, standing at 6'2" with a muscular build. He had sharp features and blue eyes that seemed to take in everything around him. His hair was jet black and styled in a slicked-back fashion, while his well-groomed beard was peppered with gray hairs. Despite being in his later years, he carried himself with a confident and commanding presence, exuding an air of authority and power. He was often seen dressed in tailored suits, typically in darker colors like black or navy, and always accessorized with a watch and cuff-links.



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