Monday, March 13, 2023

MTAD Director Sam Bishop



Name: Director Sam Bishop
Dex: 3 Str: 3 Bod: 3
Int: 5 Wil: 6 Min: 5
Inf: 4 Aur: 4 Spi: 5
Init: 13 Hero Points: 40

Wealth: 8
Organization: MTAD (MetaHuman Threat Assessment Division)
Classification: Human
Whereabouts: Nightfall Bay

Real Name: Samuel Bishop
Age: 58
Sex: Male
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6'1"

Powers: None

Skills: Detective: 6, Gadgetry (Design):5, Martial Artist: 5, Military Science: 6, Vehicles: 5, Weaponry: 5

Advantages: Benefit (MTAD Director), Contacts, Security Clearance

Drawbacks: Vengeful (due to the accidental death of his daughter by a meta-human, he harbors a strong hatred and desire for revenge against all meta-humans)


  • Custom suit with bulletproof vest and reinforced armor plating
  • Handgun with custom rounds, including ones designed to incapacitate meta-humans
  • High-tech surveillance and tracking equipment

Description: Samuel Bishop is the Director of the MetaHuman Threat Assessment Division (MTAD) of the FBI in Nightfall Bay. Bishop is a seasoned law enforcement officer with over 25 years of experience, having worked in the FBI for the past 20 years. Bishop is a no-nonsense, gruff man who will stop at nothing to make sure every last metahuman has been taken off the streets. This dedication is fueled by a personal tragedy, as his daughter was accidentally killed by a meta-human during a bank robbery. This event has left him vengeful and uncompromising in his mission, leading him to develop specialized equipment and tactics to combat meta-humans. He has a reputation for being tough on his subordinates, but is respected for his unwavering commitment to his job.

Bishop is a skilled detective and marksman, with a black belt in multiple martial arts disciplines. He prefers to take a hands-on approach to his work, often leading raids and arrests himself. He is well-connected within the FBI and has access to the latest technology and equipment, which he uses to track down and capture metahumans. Bishop is also known for his bulletproof car, which he insists on using for all high-risk missions.

Despite his gruff exterior, Bishop is deeply committed to protecting the citizens of Nightfall Bay and the country as a whole. He believes that metahumans pose a serious threat to national security and will do whatever it takes to neutralize that threat. His subordinates may not always like him, but they know that Bishop is the best man for the job when it comes to dealing with metahuman threats. 

Sam Bishop is a middle-aged man, in his late fifties. He is of average height, standing around 5'10", and has a muscular build from years of physical training. His hair is short and black, and he wears it slicked back from his forehead. His brown eyes are often narrowed in a stern expression, and his chiseled jaw is typically set in a grim line.

Bishop has a few scars on his face, including a thin one above his left eyebrow, which he acquired during a previous mission. He typically wears a sharp suit and tie, which contrasts with his rough, no-nonsense demeanor. He's not particularly attractive in a conventional sense, but his rugged and imposing presence commands respect.

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