Monday, March 20, 2023

Nightfall Bay's Hero on the streets: The Nightstalker


Name: The Nightstalker
Dex: 6 Str: 4 Bod: 5
Int: 5 Wil: 4 Min: 4
Inf: 4 Aur: 3 Spi: 4
Init: 16 Hero Points: 50

Wealth: Unknown
Organization: None
Classification: Vigilante
Whereabouts: Nightfall Bay

Real Name: Unknown
Age: 30-40
Sex: Male
Weight: 180 to 200 lbs
Height: 6'0"-ish


  • Thermal Vision: 6, Superspeed: 3, Phobia: 3


  • Detective: 5, Martial Artist: 8, Military Science: 5, Stealth: 8, Weaponry: 4


  • Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye


  • Secret Identity, Enemy: Borough President Marino and District Attorney Stone


  • Grappling Hook [Body 4, Snare: 8]
  • The Nightblade [Body 8, Claws 6]
  • Smoke Bombs [Body 2, Fog: 6]

Description: The Nightstalker is a mysterious figure who has been operating in Nightfall Bay for several years. He is a vigilante who uses his enhanced senses, superspeed and a person's fear to fight crime on the streets of the city. The Nightstalker's real identity is unknown, and he keeps his face concealed behind a mask at all times. He is known to work alone, and has earned the respect of many in the community for his efforts to keep the streets safe. However, the police and local officials do not condone his actions, and are actively trying to capture him. Despite this, The Nightstalker continues to operate in the shadows, fighting for justice in his own way. The Nightstalker has no issues killing criminals if he needs to do that to deter crimes. So is he really a hero?

The Nightstalker's hero outfit is black and dark gray, with a sleek and form-fitting design that allows for easy movement and flexibility. His mask covers the upper half of his face, leaving only his eyes visible. The mask is also black and features a unique design of angular lines and sharp edges, giving it an intimidating appearance. The Nightstalker wears gloves and boots made of a durable, non-slip material for added grip and protection. On his chest, he has a symbol in the shape of a crescent moon with a stylized letter "N" in the center, representing his moniker. The Nightstalker's overall appearance is meant to be sleek, efficient, and intimidating, without being overly bulky or cumbersome.

GM Note: Every city has their protector, this is the one I came up with... I only really used him a handful of times to help point the PCs in the right direction.  Later he became a target of one of the PCs as the Nightstalker killed a bunch of mobsters, the PC felt this was wrong for a "hero" to do and wanted to bring him to justice.

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