Thursday, March 2, 2023

New Advantage: Favor




Cost: 30 Points

A "Favor" advantage represents a character's special relationship with an NPC who is willing to go above and beyond to help them out. This NPC could be a friend, mentor, or ally who has resources, knowledge, or influence that the character can call on for assistance. Unlike the Connection advantage, which only provides information and resources, a character with Favor can count on their NPC ally to come to their aid no matter what. He may not always have what the character needs at the time of the call but is willing to help out and give a hand in any way possible.

The Favor advantage can be used to represent a close bond between the character and the NPC, whether it's based on shared experiences, personal loyalty, or a mutual sense of obligation. The GM can work with the player to create a backstory and personality for the NPC that reflects this bond, and can use the NPC as a plot device to create interesting challenges and opportunities for the character.

Note: This is not to be used as a "crutch" for character and its only to show the importance of a character and his backstory. It's also important to note that not every character will have the Favor advantage, and it should be reserved for characters who have a special connection to an NPC that is crucial to their backstory or motivations. The GM has the right to limit the number of characters who have the Favor advantage in order to maintain balance and prevent it from overshadowing other character abilities.

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